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Another Amazing Roeper Alum

Carolyn Borman and Juliette Olejnik
In the article, he admits that while he is the inventor of the term, Nonlinear Funding, even he has trouble explaining it. But fortunately, he does anyway, and you'll have to read the article to find out what he comes up with. He also provides an interesting list of 17 Rules for Nonlinear Funding. The first six are:

(1) The world is chaos. Embrace it.

(2) Stay calm, or at least try not to panic.

(3) (a) Don’t assume tradition is the best approach. Sometimes it’s stupid … on the other hand, (b) Tradition might be the best approach.

(4) Maybe the starting line is not where other people believe it is.

(5) Sometimes the answer is so close to you, you’re looking past it.

(6) Nickels and dimes can build massive bridges.

This is a list which piques one's interest. Richard Murray has a very interesting take on things, and he uses plain English and a keen sense of logic to communicate it. These are meme worthy aphorisms!

In the article, he also speaks fondly of teachers who had an impact on him, specifically, George Roeper and Roeper math teacher Dick Morrow.

All in all, we encourage you to read this engaging INTERVIEW!

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