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Giftedness and Academics

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What does it mean to be Gifted?

It means your child has an intensity that is never satisfied with easy answers. It means that even at a young age, they show glimmers of powerful thinking that make people pause.

Giftedness is most simply defined as having an IQ score in the range of 130 and above, but to recognize gifted learners, it is often more helpful to look for certain shared characteristics.

List of 3 items.

  • Emotional

    Sensitivity in relationships 
    Strong sense of justice
    Advanced sense of humor
  • Intellectual

    Asks probing questions 
    Avid reader, detailed planner 
    Driven to understand complex things 
    Has an exceptional memory
  • Academic

    Easily bored 
    Highly verbal, large vocabulary 
    Comprehends a broad range of ideas 
    Learns rapidly
Although the items listed above are often seen in gifted children, not all gifted children exhibit all these traits all the time.

If your child
  • tends to have intense feelings, a strong sense of justice, inherent perfectionism, and an advanced sense of humor
  • asks probing questions, values precision, needs to know why, and has an exceptional memory
  • seeks complex solutions, dives deeply into personal interests, comprehends a broad range of ideas, and learns rapidly
they will feel right at home at Roeper.
Educating and inspiring gifted students to think as individuals and to engage as a community with compassion for each other and this world.

Explore Our Academics

List of 3 items.

  • Lower School

    Our Lower School curriculum and structure are responsive to the developmental stages in the lives of children in preschool through grade 5. Moving to the next stage means an increase of responsibility. Safe classroom environments add to students’ capacity to take creative risks, ask questions, and think critically. They are guided by two teachers who are the heart of every classroom resulting in an average of eleven to one student-teacher ratio. 
  • Middle School

    Our Middle School serves grades 6–8 and guides students through these challenging years with meaningful academic work, a personalized understanding of each student’s needs, and a steady increase in freedom and responsibility. Students’ curiosity and passion are fed with a wide range of electives, including art, music, theatre, sports, forensics, journalism, robotics, world languages, and Model UN.
  • Upper School

    Our Upper School, serving grades 9–12, is an energetic community with honors classes and remarkable freedom to make choices and learn from results. Students benefit from access to extensive AP courses, college-level courses within the Malone School Online Network, athletic teams, an exceptional arts program, robotics, debate, independent study, college counseling, and senior projects.
Educating and inspiring gifted students to think as individuals and to engage as a community with compassion for each other and this world.

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