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Whether in music, theater, forensics, or dance, opportunities abound for Roeper students to experience the personal growth, excitement, and camaraderie of participating in the performing arts. 

Roeper Theater Company

The Roeper Theater Company (RTC) has distinguished itself with a rich history of adventurous productions, outstanding quality, and an exciting creative environment for students. Three Main Stage productions are performed annually, representing a broad repertoire extending from classical to contemporary pieces.

The RTC also provides a Second Stage Season that gives middle and upper school students opportunities to choose and workshop new or lesser-known works, including student directed productions. Notable recent productions include A Man of No Importance, Cabaret, The Laramie Project, and Comedy of Errors. Both middle and upper school students are given the opportunity to participate in all aspects of production and to work with some of the area's most respected theater artists.  
Throughout the Lower School, students often perform classroom skits, presentations for families, and talent shows. More formal performance experiences begin in Stage IV when students chose elective courses in instrumental music, vocal music, dance, and theater arts. Students perform for the community at least twice a year in evening concerts and there is one staged musical production annually which is scored for developing voices.

Artistic Expression is Essential for Gifted Students

Roeper offers a rich arts curriculum and many opportunities for self-expression and group performances.

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  • Forensics

    Middle and Upper School students who join the Roeper Forensics team participate in competitive speaking competitions locally and in the state tournament. Roeper has a very enthusiastic and supportive group. Students may choose to compete in several categories such as: presenting an original, student-written speech; dramatic readings of prose and poetry; dramatic delivery of a famous speech; dramatic interpretation of a portion from play or film by a single student or in small groups. For our Middle School students, Forensics is an elective. 

    The Roeper community can enjoy these amazing performances at the Middle and Upper School Forensics Nights held in winter and spring.
  • Middle and Upper School Instrumental Music

    The instrumental ensembles at Roeper's middle and upper schools provide students with a comprehensive musical education, focusing on the fundamental elements of music such as melody, harmony, rhythm, tone color, texture, and form. Through their chosen instruments, students learn to blend these elements with expressive qualities to create a balanced and resonant ensemble sound.

    The repertoire for each ensemble is carefully selected based on group instrumentation, student input, and highlighting individual strengths. These ensembles actively participate in scheduled concerts, MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festivals, and attend performances by professional musicians in the community.

    One notable aspect of Roeper's instrumental program is the inclusion of a curricular jazz program. Jazz bands meet regularly during the school day, offering students the opportunity to explore various styles and delve deeper into jazz music. The jazz bands have no restrictions on instrumentation, allowing students to embrace diverse instruments like jazz clarinet.

    The instrumental music ensembles include the 6th Grade Concert Band, Middle School Concert Band (7/8), Upper School Concert Band, Upper School Percussion Ensemble, Intermediate and Advanced String Orchestra, Middle School Jazz Band, and Upper School Jazz Band.
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  • Middle and Upper School Vocal Music

    In addition to vocal ensembles, Roeper offers various performance opportunities:
    • Vocal Techniques (middle and upper school) - a class for singers of all ability levels to develop their knowledge of and confidence with their individual voices, with a focus on solo repertoire selections tailored to their interests and goals.
    • Open Studio class: a space for soloists (vocal and instrumental) to hone their performing skills in the company of other musicians by sharing prepared repertoire (accompanist provided). Students will offer and receive constructive feedback from colleagues, and build their confidence in front of an audience.
    • Music Theatre Workshop (middle and upper school) - students prepare and perform scenes (spoken and sung) from a wide range of Broadway shows.
    • All vocal music students are encouraged to audition for the two school musicals (Upper school in the fall; Middle school in the early spring).
    • Students can choose to participate in the MSVMA Solo & Ensemble Festival each year with a professional collaborative pianist provided.
  • Dance

    The Roeper Lower School Dance program nurtures children's natural curiosity and passion for movement, encouraging personal choice, curiosity, and confidence in their physical abilities. Through structured improvisation, free play, and physical challenges, students develop ownership and pride in their physical and emotional strength. The curriculum includes mindfulness practice to enhance empathy, self-confidence, and presence in the moment. Students learn to listen to themselves and process emotions through breathing exercises, yoga postures, and expressive dance improvisation. 

    In the M/US Dance program, students cultivate their creative voice through choreography, performance, and technique, emphasizing collaboration and interdisciplinary research. They engage in rigorous exploration of movement, improvisation, composition, and performance, participating in various showcases and culminating in a formal performance in the Acheson Theatre. These programs harness the power of creativity for personal growth and self-expression.
  • Lower School Vocal and Instrumental Arts

    Students at all levels have opportunities to present musical performances throughout the year to parent audiences, all school events, Grandparent and Special Persons Day and occasional visits to Senior Living facilities. Music is an integral part of the Lower School Curriculum.

    The Lower School music program at Roeper School begins in Stage I, emphasizing the importance of early childhood development through music. Singing, movement, and musical games are utilized to foster enjoyment, rhythm, and self-expression. Stage II introduces percussion instruments, teaching concepts of beat, rhythm, and pitch identification. The use of xylophones and metallophones expands musical understanding, while the philosophies of Orff/Schulwerk and Dalcroze Eurhythmics guide the curriculum.
    In Stage III, singing, beat, rhythm, dance, and playing percussion instruments are further developed. Reading music on the staff is expanded, and music creation is encouraged through partner and small group music writing, utilizing platforms like Garageband on iPads. Stage III students are introduced to band instruments and offered music electives such as Beginning Piano or Guitar. 

    Stage IV provides a wide range of music opportunities, including band instrument selection, performing in vocal ensembles, and various electives like Piano, Guitar, Steel Drumming, Vinyl Records and Music Research, Musical, Choir, and Band. Two levels of band, Beginning and Advancing, are available as yearlong electives. Students can also choose to participate in a staged musical production tailored for developing voices.
The Roeper Theater Company is dedicated to actively promoting the Roeper Philosophy by producing diverse, socially conscious theater that celebrates the indomitable human spirit and encourages peace, justice, courage, and reconciliation.
Educating and inspiring gifted students to think as individuals and to engage as a community with compassion for each other and this world.

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