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The Fine and Performing Arts Program at The Roeper School is comprehensive, with diverse offerings in both the visual and performing arts.  The philosophical underpinnings of the school are well reflected in our program as the study of arts enhances one’s self-knowledge and self-expression.

Our Program

Students learn self-respect and respect for others through collaborative efforts in the classroom as well as in performance ensembles. At Roeper we create an environment that is both safe and stimulating. The arts courses are personalized by faculty through thoughtful communication with students – listening to what they want, balancing their desires with sound, educational pedagogy and then guiding them both individually and as members of various groups to select a program or course which will be beneficial to them. Arts classes at Roeper emphasize that process is as important as product. The way in which the students integrate their learning is the key to personal interpretation. Risk-taking is encouraged; in the arts there is no single right answer. Teachers are mentors, working with students to build confidence as they build skills.

Many students feel the arts are essential to their learning experience. Problem solving in these classes encourages students to manipulate ideas cognitively as higher-level thinkers and gifted students often see connections between unrelated ideas.

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