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Stage IV field trip Aida

Field Trip LS
Lower School Public Events Stage IV field trip Aida Resources: Bus- LS Setup Questions: 1. Staff member coordinating field trip:: Scott Varfanian 2. Field Trip Destination: Middle School 3. Field Trip Address (exact street, city, state, zip): The Roeper Middle School 4. Time of departure from Roeper:: 12:00 pm 5. Time leaving location to return to Roeper:: 2:30 6. Time expected to return to Roeper:: 2:45 7. Will there be additional stops? If so, please provide exact time and locations for each additional arrival and departure.: no 8. Number of children and their grades:: 84 Stage IV 9. Number of adults: 9 Field Trip Checklist: Confirm the actual number of students/adults attending before leaving for the trip How does this field trip connect to your curriculum or program?: Connection to the Middle School How much money will this field trip cost the school?: o
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