An independent Preschool through Grade 12 school for gifted students.


Middle School Public Events, Upper School Public Events Robofest Resources: Bus- M/US Comment: off site shuttle? Setup Questions: 1. Staff member coordinating field trip:: Linda Pence, Wendy Mayer 2. Field Trip Destination: shuttle service 3. Field Trip Address (exact street, city, state, zip): off site parking tbd 4. Time of departure from Roeper:: 8:00am 5. Time leaving location to return to Roeper:: 2:00 6. Time expected to return to Roeper:: event ends at 1pm 7. Will there be additional stops? If so, please provide exact time and locations for each additional arrival and departure.: no 8. Number of children and their grades:: tbd 9. Number of adults: tbd Field Trip Checklist: Permission slips must be sent to parents for signature and returned prior to trip, Details (including dates times and list of students attending) must go to stage coordinator and special teachers, Any subs needed for field trip date(s) must be arranged with substitute scheduler (with 2 weeks notice), Any check requests necessary for field trip must be submitted to the Business Office by Tuesday of the week prior to the trip, Confirm the actual number of students/adults attending before leaving for the trip, Be sure to take emergency medical information for each student! BH CCB Gymnasium Times: 1/1/1900 7:00:00 AM - 1/1/1900 3:00:00 PM Comment: Please confirm set up with Linda Pence Setup Questions: Contact Person Name: Linda Pence, Wendy Mayer How do you want the bleachers: : Out Number of people expected: tbd Will there be food in the Gymnasium?: No Will you be setting anything on the gym floor? If so, what?: yes, tarp is needed
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