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Leslie Hosey Presents at SENG Annual Conference

Kari Papadopoulos
Lower School Director, Leslie Hosey, will be a keynote speaker at the SENG Annual Conference 2018. Her keynote will focus on the differences between being knowledgeable, having wisdom, and being sagacious. Current macro problems, as described by Don Ambrose, editor of The Roeper Review, as well as the types of knowledge and skills needed to impact change will be presented. A brief discussion of Sternberg’s ACCEL model, which focuses on ethical and moral reasoning as a hallmark of intelligence will be highlighted as well. For the gifted the ability to live with harmony and balance is often at risk due to heightened sensitivities about societal challenges. Indigenous wisdom and the four sacred gifts, as described by Anita Sanchez, will be discussed as a means of moving from knowledge to wisdom to sagacity.

At Roeper, as part of the Parent Education program, a few of our teachers and administrators who are trained SENG facilitators host a SENG Model Parent Discussion Group twice a year. This book-based discussion group provides an oppportunity for parents to explore topics centered around their children's giftedness, including communication, motivation, intensities, stress management, and peer relationships. Sessions to be announced. Contact Lisa Bottesi, Lower School Assistant Director, for more information.
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