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George A. Roeper Festival of Senior Projects

Carolyn Borman
George A. Roeper Festival of Senior Projects
Senior Projects are designed to encourage and allow students to follow their personal passions.  Each senior is mentored by members of our faculty, and/or professionals in their respective areas of interest outside the Roeper community. This event is more than a display of self-directed student work, but a celebration of their lives and our time spent together in them. 
The work of fifteen members of the Class of 2018 will be shared on the two evenings of The George A. Roeper Festival of Senior Projects this Thursday, May 31st and Friday, June 1st in the Acheson Theater beginning at 7:00pm.
Katie Booth 
A study of the Roeper Philosophy from an analytical angle and explored how the philosophy interacts with Roeper alumni and current students. Also, an art piece representing Roeper over the years.
Meagan Konst 
Over the course of this school year, I have orchestrated four different activities for middle school and high school homerooms to do together. My main goal was to increase and strengthen the relationships between middle school and high school students in our community, seeking to establish more connections across our campus.
Dayna Nolan
An aesthetically accurate recreation of an Elizabethan noble woman’s dress, specifically that of a maid of honor. I wanted to look at the women who wore the garments and the societal restrictions that came with them, as well as the women of lower status who made them.
Carter Wade
Design and teach a new psychology class at Roeper, focusing on personality psychology due to its more widespread application and lesser-known status among the community.
Charlie Shoha
For the past four years I have hosted a YouTube channel, making and posting videos of my game playing. It’s a true passion of mine, so I knew that I wanted to somehow turn my YouTube channel into a senior project. I decided to host a 12-hour charity livestream on YouTube to raise funds for Lighthouse, in Pontiac.
Maddy Harner
An endeavor in gaining a better personal understanding of the Roeper philosophy, as well as establishing systems to help Roeper more easily and genuinely live its philosophy.
Nick Lyon 
A short film about the post-industrial Midwest, loneliness and high-tech escapism.
Katarina Moore 
This project is a culmination of many years of adventure in school, starting with a kindergarten kid — whose favorite game was “School” — to a Senior with her own classroom. My Senior Project started with a class called Diverse Perspectives in Sci-Fy, Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction, but has become the way in which I experienced the world during my Senior Year.
Jessica Kahn 
I designed and built a greenhouse out of primarily recycled materials. At the end of April, I moved the greenhouse to the Lower School to plant vegetables. I am coordinating with a Lower School homeroom and educating the students about sustainable design. When I graduate, the students will care for the greenhouse.
Alison Albrecht 
I partnered with the Autism Alli­ance of Michigan to fund-raise for Roeper teacher professional development and resources for the school from the Autism Alliance at the Lower School through the “Change for Autism” coin drive. I also spoke to the different stages at the Lower School to educate them about autism and teach them to be compassionate and understanding peers and community members.
Ian Carroll & Charlie Sutton 
We connected an iPhone to a 2018 Honda Civic, allowing the driver to steer, accelerate and brake the car from their phone.
Phillip Popp 
I worked to design a complete curriculum for a middle school chemistry elective. The course was entirely based on in-class discussions, demonstrations, and experi­ments. It was designed to be taught every other day over the course of one trimester.
Janea Wilson 
Over this year, I’ve worked to develop a mentoring and literacy curriculum for elementary school students. By working with Brilliant Detroit and other Roeper students, I was able to host literacy nights to put the curriculum to work.
Aurora Thomas-Hagerman
This past year I’ve been researching conflict in our world, specifically the USA, and how aggression and hate is growing. I’m going to be expressing this visually in a stop motion body paint video representing our planet throughout history.

Please note that you may have received other information regarding the start time. 7:00pm is the correct time.

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