Katarina '18

Katarina's love for a busy life knows no bounds. If you need to find her, listen for the sound of her worn down chucks walking hastily through the hallways or look in the Forensics room. Between the Roeper Theatre and Dance Companies, Committee Meetings, AP Classes, Independent Studies, and an ambitious Senior Project, she finds solace in what many people fear most: Public Speaking. "Being a part of the Roeper Forensics team has given me more opportunities than I ever imagined. I have been able to work with younger students just like the high schoolers who helped me when I was in middle school." Katarina created and is now teaching a middle school English elective as her Senior Project, a course about diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature. In the fall, she will begin studies in Secondary Education with an English focus at the University of Michigan, Dearborn, which offers a rare Speech/Debate minor. She's a #RoeperKid.
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