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Janea '18

As the assistant editor of The Roeper School newspaper, Janea is known for inspiring people through the power of words. The junior wants to use her passion for Journalism, also her favorite class, to become a social justice lawyer. “Social justice is always something I’ve been interested in because of my race.” she says. Janea is involved in the Black Student Union and the Student Diversity Advisory Committee. She started attending Roeper as a freshman. “I used to be bored in my previous schools and I never felt challenged,” she says. “I used to question teachers and they’d tell me I was wrong. Here at Roeper, teachers and students can have meaningful discussions where the students’ opinions are valued.” Janea tried Forensics for the first time last year and loved it. She also plays soccer, basketball and volleyball at Roeper. Janea is eyeing NYU, Columbia and Stanford for college. She’s a#RoeperKid.

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