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Katie '22

When she was just 2 years old, Katie used to sit in a laundry basket at home and read. “I love to read and write,” says Katie. Now a 7th grader, she is very involved in book club at Roeper. She enjoys penning comedies and action and adventure stories set in China, where she was born. “I like being from another place because it’s exotic,” she says. “But, unfortunately, I couldn’t be the President here.” Katie started attending Roeper two years ago. “The second I came here people welcomed me and I found so many new friends,” says Katie. “If you’ve ever felt left out at school, you won’t here. You’ll find your niche.” She loves the electives Roeper offers including 3D Printing. Katie is involved in many extracurricular activities including cross country, track and band. She’s been playing the flute since she was 3 years old. She’s a #RoeperKid.

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