Nate '17

What does the the Roomba vacuum, software for NASA’s Deep Space 1 and a driverless car all have in common? They were all developed by the most important people working in Robotics today. That’s a list 11th grader Nate aims to make one day. Since Roeper didn’t have a competitive robotics team, he used the innovative thinking the school encourages and formed one. That determination also led to Nate being one of ten students selected to be part of the C-STEM Youth Commission. Over the next year, he will help develop policy designed to increase the number of students of color who have opportunities to pursue STEM opportunities. When he’s not building robots, Nate spends his time running track, sinking hoops, or dribbling down the field towards another soccer state championship. And you can catch his team Blood, Sweat and Gears competing at the Michigan Regional Robofest competition. This fall he’s headed to MIT. He’s a#RoeperKid.
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