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Rishabh '17

Rishabh’s parents enrolled him at The Roeper School in the 6th grade because his former school curriculum wasn’t challenging him enough. “Roeper has significantly shaped the person I’ve turned into today,” says Rishabh. “I was constricted in my previous environment, so it was hard to fit in.” Now in his senior year, Rishabh has been accepted to Stanford University, his first choice. His goal is to become an entrepreneur in the tech world. “I’m hoping I can bring a creative flair to more rationalized fields of science and look at problems in a different mindset,” says Rishabh. He nurtured his curiosity for how things work on a fundamental level through math and science classes at Roeper. “The teachers here focus on real world implications,” he says. “I love understanding theory and how it applies in the world and Roeper fosters that.” Rishabh has been involved in forensics, the linguistics club, the golf team, and he has played the sitar, a traditional Indian instrument, for eight years. He’s a #RoeperKid.

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