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Victoria Moore

My Roeper Story is about the true meaning of community.

In 2007, during my senior year of high school, which should be one of the happiest times in my life, my family experienced tragedy. My mother, my six-year-old sister, and I found ourselves homeless. I did not tell anyone about this at school. I was under the impression that all I had was my immediate family and that we were on our own.

I carried that burden with me for a few weeks, not wanting to let on that I had no idea where I was going to sleep at night. My entire demeanor changed. In true Roeper fashion, one of my teachers realized something was wrong and reached out to me. Right there after AP Biology class, I released the tears I had been suppressing for so long. I immediately knew I was going to have a bed to sleep in that night and food in my stomach. Roeper rallied not only around me, but also my entire family. By the end of the day, members of the community had raised money to help my family through this hardship.

I stayed with teachers and faculty members as long as I needed to while my mother worked to get us back on our feet. She was relieved that I was taken care of by people who truly loved me. I was fed, I was housed, and I continued to go to basketball practice. I had some sense of normalcy in this difficult situation. I came to realize – it was not just a community rallying around me. I saw that Roeper was a part of my family. Not because anyone looked like me or was related to me, but because these people truly cared about my well-being, and would do whatever they could to help me out in my time of need.

I cannot thank Roeper enough for giving me so many additions to a forever-growing family. In my senior year, I already had seen so much bad in the world. I had just experienced someone throwing my family out into the street. But at Roeper I had a community of people with good hearts and the true desire to help. I do my best to spread that same positivity to those around me and help others whenever I can. I could never pay back Roeper for what it has done for me, but I continue to pay it forward. Roeper is forever in my heart and forever a part of my family.

Victoria Moore, Class of 2008
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