Introducing Venee Natarajan, LS Stage III Teacher

Carolyn Borman
From Lower School Director, Meghan Stott: As a Stage II and III teacher at Roeper, Venee showed a natural affinity to the Roeper philosophy. In her first experience with Roeper Venee came to the interview all dressed up and ended up participating in Stinky Fish Day – an annual art project tradition in Stage I in which prints are made from paint-smeared fish. She took a break from teaching when Anjali was born and came back last year as a substitute teacher. Her contributions have been and will continue to enrich Roeper especially her passion for the work of DEIJ.
What is your new position at Roeper - details like what courses you will be teaching, are you working with other faculty?  
I will be a Stage III teacher.

What were one or two highlights of your life?
Two highlights in my life would be marrying my best friend and having my daughter, Anjali.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be and why?
I would love to live in Italy for a year.  I went there on my honeymoon and didn't want to leave!

What are some things you'd like to share about yourself, your family and birthplace?  
I grew up in Rochester Hills, went to high school and college there and now that's where I live with my family.  I'm the eldest of four siblings and we're all very close.  I can't imagine life without them.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?
I absolutely love all things plants, soil and roots.  I have saved countless cuttings off the floors of Home Depot and Bordines, don't worry, I ask the employees before I take them home.  I love to bake for neighbors, family and friends as well as cook for them.  The first thing that I want to do as soon as I learn it's a snow day is bake something delicious.  

What is a topic or skill that you love to teach or share and why?
I love to teach writing and reading.  Writing is such a beautiful way to share one's thoughts and feelings.  It's such a special moment when a student writes and shares that writing and then waits for the readers reaction.

What is it that appealed to you about Roeper when you took the job?
The simple idea that students get to learn at their own pace, challenged when ready and given time and space to just be is what appealed to me about Roeper.
Educating and inspiring gifted students to think as individuals and to engage as a community with compassion for each other and this world.

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