Julia '23

After 13 years at Roeper, Julia will journey to Washington University in St. Louis this fall where she will double major in biology and philosophy. She’s fascinated by genetics and is eager to conduct research to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Her passion for genetic research led her to form the Disease Research Club here at Roeper. Active in student government, Julia served in many roles including vice moderator, head of the communications committee, executive treasurer, and senior co-class president. She was also elected as a student representative to The Roeper School Board of Trustees—a rare opportunity considering Roeper is one of few schools to include student membership on its board. Julia rounded out her time at Roeper as a violinist, yearbook staff member, and editor-in-chief of the school magazine. “Looking back on this time as a senior, I’ve discovered that what makes Roeper so unique are the connections the community fosters. I am friends with all my teachers, and I know that they want the best for me. The student body here is committed and inspiring, and, as a student representative to the Board of Trustees, I’ve seen first-hand my peers’ concern for the community. Roeper also allows students to lead community initiatives, and that access has allowed me to make an impact on the world that I’m proud to have done as a high school student.” She’s a #RoeperKid
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