Jonathan '33

For the past two years, Stage III student Jonathon has felt a sense of belonging here at Roeper. “It fits me. All of the other kids are gifted like me, and we get each other. I fit in and belong here.” His favorite subjects are computers and science, and he has a grand idea of how to clean up oil spills. “I’ve been thinking about putting a bunch of cotton balls into a piece of nylon, tying it with a giant metal band to the back of a ship, and using it to clean up oil spills.” Jonathon is in the Martian Marathon Run Group and loves reading. In the future, he aspires to attend Columbia University to become a college professor, marry another person who loves science as much as he does, and have a giant library. This summer he will be playing with Legos, doing gymnastics, watching Bill Nye, doing science experiments with his parents, and of course reading. He’s a #RoeperKid.
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