Frances '27

Frances was new to Roeper this past year, but in less than a year they have experienced a sense of belonging in our halls. What makes Roeper so special to them is, “The diversity of the students and staff, the ability to be different and be accepted, the connection you are able to form with your teachers, the interesting and engaging curriculum that allows you to pursue your personal interests too, and the mutual honesty, kindness, and respect between everyone here.” English is their favorite subject because they love their teacher and have the ability to learn creatively and deeply. Frances is involved in SAGE, the Sexuality and Gender Equality club at Roeper, and the middle school Book Club. They love to draw, paint, create videos, bike, read, write, and play flute in their spare time. Their love of art runs so deep that Frances aspires to pursue a career as a creative and use art to help others. They’re a #RoeperKid.
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