Junior Senior Dinner

Carolyn Borman
Coming off of the pandemic years, the Junior Class in this 55th year of Junior Senior Dinners at Roeper set their theme as, "Dance the Night Away," as a reminder to the senior class that, no matter what, you can always have a good time. There were 140 guests including parents, faculty, the senior class and of course, the Juniors in their cooking, serving, hosting and performing capacities. The video showing a collage of photos and videos helped the Seniors look back at their years at Roeper was a wonderful experience for all.

This year brought the return to the actual prepping, cooking and serving a full dinner following the pandemic. A group of juniors who elected to take a semester long class for planning took the lead with the support of the rest of the Junior class under the guidance of Gloria Despard.

Thank you to Gloria and student leaders - Grace Adams, Lucas Bagne, Christopher Bonde, Clara Calderwood, Zoe Fleischer, Laine Ostheimer, Sandra Smith-Johnson and Chair, Reese Stevens.
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