End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

With the end of the year swiftly approaching, RPC once again wants to help you if you’re struggling to find a meaningful gift for your child’s/children’s teachers. We have set up an end of year Giftcrowd so you can contribute to gift cards for our awesome faculty and staff. Similar to the holidays, faculty/staff from both campuses are on one list to make it easier for parents with kids at both campuses. Gift recipients will be able to see who contributed to their gifts, but not how much each family contributed. As always, this is totally optional and we are offering it as a convenience for parents and guardians.
The Giftcrowd will be open until 8:00 am on June 9 (the Friday after the last day of school).

The link is in the May 23rd Roeper Record.

Contact Rachel Stafeil if you have any questions or if you see any errant omissions from the list. 
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