Stage I Sparkle Space Adventure

Carolyn Borman
Jennifer and Mara’s Stage I Sparkle Space Adventure started off because at the beginning of the year, many children wondered about outer space. They started learning about space in February with the stars, sun, and moon.  They then discussed the planets by gathering information about what they are made of, their temperature and how close they were to the sun. Next came learning about astronauts. They were amazed by video clips of how they floated and the difficulty of making sandwiches and brushing teeth without gravity. They learned about the International Space Station and imagined and wrote about what they would do if they went there. They even transformed the classroom into a space station by applying their knowledge and then expressing it in play. In the hallway they created partner projects where the group was paired off and randomly given a planet to create.  They looked at photos, came up with the materials they wanted to use, and discussed strategies with one another.

During this time, they went to the planetarium at Cranbrook and saw the presentation of "The Night Sky" where they learned more about constellations and where the visible planets can be in our own night sky. 

For the culminating event parents came to tour the spaces where all of their work was displayed including mobiles, constellation art, moon sculptures, and models of the earth's layers.  The space station room had their stories displayed along with crew photos of the children dressed as astronauts.  The tinkering space was set out with activities for families to do.  Each child had a NASA badge for the special morning.

Here are more photos: CLICK
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