Martian Marathon

Carolyn Borman
66 students in Stages II-IV participated in training for the Running Fit Martian Kids' Marathon. Between after school group runs and running on their own outside of school, the kids were tasked with accumulating 25 miles before race day. They started running in January, including running in the gym, so they had 3 months to get in their 25 miles.  On April 15th, 58 of those students ran together on a special course for kids in Dearborn for the last 1.2 miles of the larger marathon event, the "Martian Invasion of Races".  After they crossed the finish line they received their race shirt and medal, the same medal the regular marathon runners get.
An impressive 37% of the Lower School students participated in training!

A big thank you to Joe Terranova, a permanent sub here at Roeper and dad of alums Michael '06 and Jason '10, for organizing the event and leading the training sessions.

Also thanks to Deb for helping coordinate the event and taking the photos!

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