Roeper History and Philosophy Class

Carolyn Borman
The Roeper School is sponsoring a class, “Roeper History and Philosophy, 101”,  which will dive into questions like: How did our Philosophy develop from the events and movements of the 20th Century and how it grows today? And what exactly does the term “Roeper Philosophy” mean? The class will will include discussions of how our Philosophy runs our school and community by examining scenarios based on real-life Roeper events.

This class, taught by Emery Pence, is a must for all who want to help guide Roeper now and in the future – those who can better use it, articulate it, and live it. Veteran, new-this-year, staff member, student, parent, alum, prospective Roeperian, whoever is interested should come. 

Saturday, May 6, 9:00am to 12:00 noon, at the Lower School Bretzlaff Commons in the Steward Building.
RSVP by May 3rd by clicking here:

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