Detroit Science and Engineering Fair News

Wendy Mayer
Congratulations to these students for their recent success at the Detroit Science and Engineering Fair!

Frances Miller received a Category Award: 4 (Blue Ribbon - Outstanding) for their experiment on The Effects of Added Compost on Alfalfa Plant Growth. 

Meadow Burch received a Category Award: 4 (Blue Ribbon – Outstanding) for her study on The Effects of Color Upon Taste.
Anna Stuntz received Category Award:  3 (Third Place) and is nominated to compete in the 2023 Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge for her study, Do Common Household Electronics Work After Exposure to the Moon Environment?  

Anjali Sharma received a Category Award: 5 (Green Ribbon – Excellent) for her study on SafeSense: A Citizen‐Neuro‐Sensing System for Geo‐Spatial Mapping of Safe Zones. 
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