Coming Soon: Documentary Film - "Vincent Who?"

Carolyn Borman
Vincent Chin was an American of Chinese descent who was killed in Detroit, 41 years ago, in a racially motivated assault by two white men. The judge ruled that it wasn't racially motivated and sentenced them to a mere three years of probation. The judge explained his leniency by saying, "These weren't the kind of men you send to jail."

"Vincent Who?" is a documentary film [PG-13] written and produced by award winnning writer and producer Curtis Chin (no relative) which details the events of this deeply disturbing story. On April 10th there will be a screening of the film and Mr. Chin will be on hand for a talkback following. 

Mr Chin will also be on the Birmingham Campus during the day to speak with students.

Mark your calendar. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about this event which led to the Asian-American Civil Rights Movement.

Monday April 10, 2023   
Acheson Theater - Birmingham Campus
Admission is Free and open to the public
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