Words and Pies in Stage I

Carolyn Borman
Students in Amber's Stage I class have found a new approach to learning to read. The first ingredient was an intense desire to do so. Add to that a challenge provided by Amber that if they could learn to read 100 words as a group by the 100th day, they could each hit her in the face with a pie! That was when things got exciting. They started by putting their names as the first words on the chart, then looked around the room for words they wanted to learn how to read. From there, the kids took the challenge home and lists started coming in. Every day they practiced and checked to see how many words they had to go. At one point, Amber quietly put a stack of sight words out and the kids were soon trying to figure out what the words were so they could add them to the chart. When they reached 100 words, the room erupted in cheering and jumping and clapping. Soon after that they made a new chart and now their goal is to get to a million words by the end of the year! Amber observed, "It was the most beautiful, natural way to encourage reading." 

Today, February 27th, the 100th day, the pie throwing event occurred followed by a pie eating celebration. 


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