In the Classroom - Circle Exploration in Math

Carolyn Borman
Rachel's Stage III group 3B math students did an impromptu math exploration of circles after one student shared things he knew about circles. They first found out what a circle is geometrically and learned the terms radius, diameter, circumference and Pi by watching this video.

They wanted to try to construct circles of their own and with Rachel's guidance discussed how they could do that relying on what they had learned. The materials they had were scissors, string and yardsticks. Students worked in small groups or on their own. and found that the more radii they made, the closer their creation came to look like a circle.
The kids loved this hands-on task. In the future, Rachel thinks they may cut diameters out of string and then lay it around our circle's circumference in order to see Pi in action -- maybe on Pi day???

This is a wonderful example of child inspired learning. At Roeper, teachers seize on opportunities to start where the students are and help them follow their interest to learn authentically. They are learning how to learn.
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