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"Ask the Expert" Featuring Susan Shapiro '77

Carolyn Borman
The Roeper Review just came out with another of it's "Ask the Expert" interviews by editor Don Ambrose. This issue features Roeper alum, professor of journalism - NYU The New School in New York - , and award winning/best selling author, Susan Shapiro '77. In the interview, Susan shares her advice to aspiring writers; her appreciation of the role Roeper teachers played in her success - specifically Schavi Diara and Jack Zucker - and describes her life as a writer. 

Susan is now planning to continue Zoom classes, seminars and book panels which include students from all over the world. "I had students from Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia waking up at 6 a.m. where we could see the light and in the same class students from Brussels, Italy, Germany, and Ghana where it was late at night..."

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