Testing, testing, 123… SOPHOMORES and JUNIORS

Bridghette Parker
The PSAT test will be administered to sophomores and juniors at Roeper on Wednesday, October 13, from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm.  The PSAT is an excellent opportunity to prepare for the SAT exam, a test that is used by many colleges as part of the college admission process.  In addition, PSAT scores for 11th graders are used by the National Merit Corporation to determine if students qualify for National Merit scholarships to college.

It is strongly recommended that ALL JUNIORS take the PSAT, since juniors will be taking the SAT in March of their junior year.  For sophomores, the scores will not be shared. This test is only a practice run before taking the one that ‘counts’ in junior year.
JUNIORS who ALREADY have written approval for accommodations through College Board may use them for this test. If you do not have them already, you will not be approved in time to use them for this year’s PSAT. Sophomores do not typically use their accommodations for this practice test.
A student is only officially registered for the test once full payment is received.  Cost of the test is $50 by October 8. There is no registration for the test after October 8.  It is NOT recommended that 9th graders take this version of the PSAT. 
Payment can be made in either cash or check payable to “The Roeper School”.  Students registered for the exam will receive a test preparation booklet and further details on the testing.
To register for the test, please complete the information below, and return this registration form, along with your payment, to Bridghette Parker, PSAT Test Coordinator. There are paper forms available in the main office at Birmingham.
I would like to register for the PSAT scheduled for Wednesday, October 16.  
Student’s name _______________________________________________ Grade_______ Date___________
Email address _____________________________________________Phone number____________________
Method of payment (check one):  _____ Cash              _____ Check

Check here if using PRE APPROVED Accommodations 
For NON Roeper students only:
School Name___________________________________ School Code ___________________

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