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Cheryl Blau '80 Reelected as Alumni Representative to Board of Trustees

Juliette Olejnik
We are pleased to announce that Cheryl Blau '80 has been elected to serve a second term as Alumni Representative to the Roeper Board of Trustees! We are grateful to Cheryl for her remarkable service as Alumni Representative for the past two years and look forward to benefiting from her continuing leadership in this important role.
Special thanks to Eli Simons ‘14, Francesca Bennett ’14, and Nathan Flynn ‘12 for their candidacy, as well as everyone who took time to participate in the online voting process.
Cheryl’s selection will be among a full slate of candidates offered to the Board of Trustees at the May 2021 meeting. Read her full statement of interest for the position below.
Throughout my many decades as a teacher at both the K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels of education, it has been my goal to hold a mirror up to my students, helping them discover how capable, valuable, and unique they each are. Whether they are first-graders or adults, I strive to help each of my students find their voices along with the self-confidence to use them. Together, we build a nurturing community within which all are treated with respect whether or not we share the same points of view. These were among the many gifts given to me by my teachers and peers while I was a Roeper student, and then, later, to my own children while they attended Roeper. I would relish the opportunity to give back to the Roeper School and community by serving as an Alumni Representative on the Board.
I hold a doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on nontraditional models of teaching and learning. I also hold one masters degree in Education and a second masters degree in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology. I have been a classroom teacher for more than 30 years, spanning the grades from 1-9 across multiple subject areas and at public, private, parochial, and charter schools. From time to time, I have also taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I have also frequently presented at local and national conferences on a variety of educational topics.
I am currently the sole teacher at my own microschool called The Blau Project which I started in 2019. My five Middle School students and I meet daily at my home in Farmington, Michigan where we enjoy spending each day creatively exploring a wide variety of skills and topics. From time to time, I also teach at OCC in Royal Oak. While I have taught a variety of OCC psychology classes in the past, most recently, I enjoyed teaching a new course entitled “Human Development Across the Life Span”. I also engage in research, curriculum development, and teacher training for the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan’s Traveling Trunk Project.
Over these past two years, I have learned and grown tremendously through my participation in the Roeper Board of Trustees. I am particularly proud of and inspired by the work our Board has accomplished around issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) both in general through our participation in the SEED Project and through the work of our Board DEIJ Committee of which I am co-chair. I am also a member of the Writing Team in our current work developing the Board’s first Anti-Racism Resolution. I also serve my local community as a member of the Board of Education for Farmington Public Schools, an Arts Commissioner for the Farmington-Farmington Hills Arts Commission, and a member of the leadership team of a local social justice group called the Beloved Community Initiative.
Characteristically, I am energetic, upbeat, and hard-working, reliable, creative, tenacious, and loving. Although I am passionate about teaching, my favorite life experience is being a mom to my two sons. For fun, I march in parades throughout the state as a member of the Rosie the Riveter Lunchbox Drill Team as well as a Suffragettes’ Parasol Drill Team. Throughout the pandemic, I have enjoyed taking dance classes with my favorite Broadway choreographers in NYC via Zoom.
With both of my sons now in college, I am eager to expand the ways in which I am involved in education, in general, and at Roeper, specifically. I attended Roeper during the years when George and Annemarie still ran the school, knew them both, and have experienced Roeper as both a student and a parent. These coupled with my experiences as an educator will enable me to contribute greatly to The Roeper School and community as a member of the Board. I hope to have the opportunity to continue serving as your Alumni Representative on the Roeper Board of Trustees for a second term.

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