Asher '25

If you ask 9-year-old Asher for one answer, he’ll give you two. He’s always thinking about more than one way to solve a problem. His favorite thing he’s learned at Roeper so far is how to cross stitch in art class. It’s similar to sewing, except you make one stitch on a piece of paper instead of threading through clothes. Asher loves having the freedom to choose his electives at Roeper. Gymnastics is his favorite place to unwind and he contemplates he’ll be a gymnast or an art teacher when he’s older. Asher also loves to draw and fancies abstract art. “I like to see my art,” says Asher. “And, I like it better if it’s not really anything. I just look around, and sometimes I just draw.” One of the end of the year events he had enjoyed most was the Mother’s Day Tea so he could share the poem he wrote for his mom with her. So far he’s penned 5 other poems on various subjects. He’s a #RoeperKid.
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