An independent Preschool through Grade 12 school for gifted students.

Salem '26

You’ll often see 7-year-old Salem running around school in his pajamas. Why? “Because I can,” says Salem. “It’s a free country and the school allows it.” Comfort is key. Salem's favorite classes are Spanish and a video design class called Game Star Mechanic. He’s stoked they coded their own video game this year in the class. Salem loves animals and dreams of having a camel when he’s older even though he says they’re messy. Llamas and piranhas are high on the list too. Salem hopes he’ll get two robots for his birthday and says he wants to be an engineer like his father. He specifically wanted his photo taken outside because the woods are important to him. “I’m trying to save the Earth,” says Salem. He’s a #RoeperKid.
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