Elliot '18

If there’s a student who embodies the Roeper spirit and philosophy in its purest form, it’s Elliot Silk. He’s been a positive presence in the community since joining Stage II. A voracious learner, Elliot gravitates towards world history and science. But a busy class load doesn’t stop him from pursuing other passions as he loves to cook, workout, and sling espresso as a barista. When asked what makes Roeper special, he says, without hesitation, it’s the faculty. “The teachers make Roeper what it is. They are so qualified and form the backbone of the school.” These relationships have nurtured Elliot’s soul and allowed him to grow into a true citizen of the world. Summing up what it means to carry that mantle, he says, “By teaching people how to love and respect each other you can contribute to something greater.” A born leader, Elliot exudes a charisma and a self-assuredness that lends itself to people wanting to follow. We know we’ll be following him, watching him grow as he begins his next chapter at the University of Rochester in New York. He’s a #RoeperKid.
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