Emma '19

Senior Emma entered Roeper in 6th grade when her parents heard about the school through a family friend. “The school has been such a huge, influential part of my life,” she exclaims. Emma says she was finally able to come out of her shell once she was immersed in Roeper. A voracious reader, one of her earliest memories is being in 4th grade and getting caught reading a book as she hid under her desk. “I would read seven books a week sitting on a bench at recess while the other kids were climbing on stuff,” she says. Once she got to Roeper, Emma says she found her safe place and could delve into her world. “Roeper gives you such an opportunity to explore your interests,” she says. For Emma, her main interest is Biology. Her senior project consists of building hydroponic gardens using recycled materials. She’ll continue to chase this passion at college this fall. She’s a #RoeperKid.
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