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Alex '20

When Roeper is the only school you’ve ever attended, chances are you have a keen perspective into what makes it unique. That’s definitely the case for junior Alex. “We have a very tight-knit community. Rather than every person for themselves, Roeper cultivates the idea of a group over the individual.” He says that his early days in the Lower School, where there is a big emphasis on spending time outdoors, did a lot to foster his deep appreciation for the outside world and the environment. This world view as led him to travel. Through that initiative, he’s been to the Netherlands and France. “It provides such a unique opportunity to experience the culture vs the tourist facade of another country.” Inside the walls of Roeper he’s immersed himself in classes like Visual Culture and Changing the Narrative, both English classes that he says “have more of a philosophical take vs the reading/writing focus of most English classes.” Theatre, Model UN, and Forensics are other areas of focus for Alex as well as French, which he’s been taking since Stage I. He’s a #RoeperKid.

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