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Avery '20

Avery has been a presence at Roeper for most of his young life. Many remember him as the Middle Schooler who wowed the crowd at the Roeper Benefit Talent Show when he recited both the periodic table and 183 digits of π, solved a Rubik’s cube, then ended his performance by reciting the Gettysburg address- all as he juggled. Competitions aside, he says the biggest things that have kept him here are the strong relationships with his teachers and the freedom to explore multiple academic interests. He appreciated how Political Philosophy through examination of the pros/cons of different philosophies stretched his mind and changed how he views the world. And he mentions the Roeper philosophy which he describes as “a more grounded philosophy that’s relevant to not just the classroom but to everyday life.” When he’s not hitting the books or representing the student body on the Board of Trustees, you can find Avery jamming out to classic rock, especially Pink Floyd’s, “Dark Side of the Moon.” Next stop, Yale University. He’s a #RoeperKid.

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