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Zora '26

If you’re looking for inspiration, spend a few minutes with 5th grader Zora. Infinitely wise beyond her years, Zora will have you thinking deeply about the world around you. She’s always thinking- about nature and animals and how we all breathe and social justice issues and you get the point. Her time at Roeper has cultivated her inquisitiveness and awakened her activist spirit. Whether it’s endangered animals or the many challenges that today’s students face, Zora feels the need to tackle these issues head on. Being surrounded by so many like-minded thinkers empowers her. She encourages others to use their voice. “Knowledge is power and if you know something that can help someone else in a good way, then by all means share it,” she says. Never one to rest on her laurels, Zora will spend the summer volunteering and caring for animals. We also hear she might find some time to ride a roller coaster or two. She’s a #RoeperKid.

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