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Author Donna Gephart's Visit with Roeper a Huge Success!

Carolyn Borman
Thanks to Birmingham Campus Librarian Cori Hatcher and Middle School super readers, award winning author Donna Gephart was chosen as the recipient of the "2018 Golden Tuna Book Award". From there, Cori arranged the visit, coordinating with Lower School Librarian Carmen Pianko. Ms Gephart spoke to three Roeper audiences who all appreciated hearing her insights about being a writer. Parents came out on one of our very cold winter nights to hear her and to enjoy Dunkin’ Donuts (Possibly in honor of her book, Lily and Dunkin!) During the Middle School Disco block the next day, she was introduced by student, Katy Lane, who presented her with the “Golden Tuna Reading Award”. She also had a student tour of the building and had a lunch time conversation with future writers about craft and purpose. In the afternoon, Ms Gephart was welcomed at the Bloomfield campus where she spoke to Stage IV who clearly showed their interest.

It was obvious that Roeper enjoyed Ms Gephart, but what she wrote on her website shows that Ms Gephart really enjoyed Roeper:

I was reminded why I LOVE school visits this week in Michigan. Passionate school librarian, Cori, prepared the whole school community for my visit. That meant I was greeted with incredible enthusiasm and insightful questions after my presentations. There was BOWLING in the library! And not to brag, but a student presented me with a TUNA AWARD -- a book award voted on by the kids. I had the privilege of presenting in two different school libraries and a black box theater. I met the most dedicated faculty and wonder-filled students, who are engaged with a philosophy of equity, compassion and social justice. Every moment with this community was a joy. I loved my time interacting with and engaged with the students, including a lovely lunch with young people who love writing and books. I'm grateful to Nerd Camp, where the connection for this school visit happened. What happens and Nerd Camp . . . blossoms to the wider world!
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