Kimiko Post

My Roeper Story is about Roeper’s uniqueness.

I reach into a bowl of rainbow-colored candy and take a scoop, toss the candies into my mouth and begin vigorously chewing. Caught off-guard by an odd taste, I continue to slosh the candies around between my teeth only to find out that it is a slurry of chocolaty M&M’s and fruity skittles; an interesting mixture to say the least. This is the perfect analogy for my Roeper experience. Roeper was an oddly unique and self-driven experience where I was able to create and satisfy my own educational reality. Full of surprises, throughout my journey at Roeper, I learned to take control of my education as well as my life.

As a well-rounded nerd I was involved in AP courses, leadership within student organizations, athletics, theater, and structural arts. Of all my experiences throughout my fourteen years at Roeper, the one memory that is stark as a neon light against a black abyss is my deep-sea tea pot made in my independent study 3D art class under the supervision and guidance of Rosanne Thompson.

One 8th block period on a spring day I had the brilliant idea to create a teapot that looked like a deep shipwreck in the middle of a coral reef. How? you ask. Well, the spout of the teapot was the sunken ship and the pot itself was the coral reef with sea anemone, fish, seaweed, and the whole shebang. I drew a quick pencil sketch and pitched the idea to Rosanne, who immediately gave me a look of disbelief. It was too complex and detailed, she said. It just seemed un-doable and my description was apparently unconvincing.

Well, determined as I was, I proposed a bargain to get a couple class periods to work on it. If, after that time, nothing was coming to fruition, I would move on to a more “reasonable” project. I got to work with no time to spare, focused on this detailed composition. I was going to create a masterpiece as well as prove my teacher that my art was Picasso-level and not to be messed with.
With dedication, focus, and a vision, as well as structural ingenuity, I was able to whip up a deep-sea green tea dispensary. Rosanne and the other students in the studio were thrilled. I was extremely proud and felt as though the project was student-created and -driven, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment and empowerment that anything I put my mind to, whether others doubted my vision or not, was possible.

This experience facilitated my growth as a young innovator, leader, and intellectual. It taught me to be fearless with my goals and to allow my imagination to run wild in all aspects of my life. My education at Roeper allowed me to challenge myself to the max as well as to learn from knowledgeable staff and students. It was a great experience for me and since then I have continued to make more accomplishments as a young individual.

Kimiko Post Class of 2007
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