Cachet Colvard

My Roeper Story is about how Roeper shaped me.

Roeper tailored my education to the goals and aspirations that I presented. I would not say that I knew exactly what I wanted to do in 9th grade; however, I did know Roeper supported me every step of the way. My passion for diversity & inclusion, my interest in Chinese Language & Culture, and my enthusiasm for healthcare were supported 100%. For example, when I vocalized my desire to work in healthcare, an independent anatomy class was created for me to learn more about the human body. Roeper also provided funding for me to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference for 3 years. These are just a few ways in which Roeper made sure I received the education I desired. Not only did the personalized study enhance my will to learn, the pace was challenging and encouraged me to take ownership of my future.

In the long run, the Roeper environment prepared me for college — which have similar learning environments. I knew upon entering what I wanted to learn but it was up to me to ensure that I accomplished my goals. I am confident that I would not have ended up where I am today without my Roeperian experience. What I accomplished in high school definitely helped frame my college and graduate experience. My undergraduate degree was in Asian Studies and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management & Policy as well as a Master’s of Business Administration degree. My mission is to provide quality and accessible healthcare to those in my community and beyond. I strive to promote the professional and personal success of all women continually throughout my career. Roeper established a place for me to feel confident about my aspirations. Roeper also made sure that I was not afraid to accomplish my goals or stick to my values. A place like this is rare and I wish more people had the opportunity to experience what I did.

Cachet Colvard, Class of 2011
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