Brittani Holsey

My Roeper story is about how Roeper is a part of many of my childhood memories.

When I look back at my life and try to pinpoint events that have defined me, it seems that The Roeper School is never too far away. The memories of archery at Summer Camp at the Lower School, and Diversity Day lunches will be something that I carry with me forever. But – if I am being honest – I did not know, appreciate, or even understand how Roeper touched every aspect of my life until after I graduated on that hot day in the community center with 50 other brilliant individuals.

After leaving Roeper and moving on to college, I quickly realized that many of my new friends had much different academic experiences than I did. In college I could never comprehend why I found the classes and the workload manageable and often times “easy” when my peers simply did not. While my friends struggled to establish a balance between social life and school, I felt as though it was a matter of making smart choices.

Before graduation everyone talked about the plans they had for the future…some aspired to work for major corporations, while others had their sights set on grad school, and some just wanted a pay check – but my head was full of dreams to see the world and make a difference.

Even to this day, as a professional I look at my life and know that I have a bigger purpose and bigger dreams than even the job I worked so hard to get now! I used to believe that I just didn’t live in reality and I should just accept my life in the corporate world and be satisfied – but my heart says otherwise. And I think in the past few years it has finally clicked why.

The Roeper School doesn’t simply educate kids and give them the tools that they need to be successful. The Roeper School creates an environment for dreamers, leaders, and achievers that understand that life is not about finding your “place” in the world – but in fact establishing the mentality that the world is truly ours. You see, every day I am able to live my life knowing that the knowledge, skills, and passion that I have will help me create a life with no limits. Roeper is a space for the change agents that this world needs. In my life travels so far I have truly lost hope for some parts of humanity but then I remember the good work we are doing in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and I find peace in knowing places like Roeper exist.

So when I look back at my time at Roeper, I say thank you. Thank you for giving a place to be the loud, obnoxious, know-it-all me… because in every aspect of my life I am better because of it. There is no safer place than Roeper and I pray for its growth in years to come.

Brittani Holsey, Class of 2010
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