Middle and Upper School Instrumental Music

The instrumental ensembles at Roeper's middle and upper schools provide students with a comprehensive musical education, focusing on the fundamental elements of music such as melody, harmony, rhythm, tone color, texture, and form. Through their chosen instruments, students learn to blend these elements with expressive qualities to create a balanced and resonant ensemble sound.

The repertoire for each ensemble is carefully selected based on group instrumentation, student input, and highlighting individual strengths. These ensembles actively participate in scheduled concerts, MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festivals, and attend performances by professional musicians in the community.

One notable aspect of Roeper's instrumental program is the inclusion of a curricular jazz program. Jazz bands meet regularly during the school day, offering students the opportunity to explore various styles and delve deeper into jazz music. The jazz bands have no restrictions on instrumentation, allowing students to embrace diverse instruments like jazz clarinet.

The instrumental music ensembles include the 6th Grade Concert Band, Middle School Concert Band (7/8), Upper School Concert Band, Upper School Percussion Ensemble, Intermediate and Advanced String Orchestra, Middle School Jazz Band, and Upper School Jazz Band.
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