Stage I: Ages 2½–5 years

Our Stage I program structures learning through play-based, hands-on activities and project-based learning in math, language arts, social studies, art, music, and science. Building socialization skills is a continual process. 
Children learn through open-ended exploration as well as through specific, concrete, guided lessons. There is an emphasis on helping children develop listening skills as well as expressive language as they gain understanding in the above areas. Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions, participate in discussions, and solve problems. Outdoor education is a key component of the Stage I program.

The Hill House program provides a self-contained classroom for children ages 2½ to 5. For many, it is their first school experience. The preschool program focused on how to be a part of a group, to get along with classmates, and to learn the routines of the classroom structure.

The Domes program, for children ages 3 to 5, accommodates those who are ready to be in school five mornings a week and to attend classes outside of the homeroom. Small groups participate in regularly scheduled classes organized by our Stage I Specialist teacher. Project-based activities encouraging students to investigate areas of interest are a staple of the curriculum.

Educating and inspiring gifted students to think as individuals and to engage as a community with compassion for each other and this world.

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