Financial Aid

For the upcoming academic year, financial aid is available for students in Stage I Domes 5-day, full-time program, and Stage II through Grade 12.
Families with a child entering the Stage I Hill House program for five full days are also eligible for financial aid if they have another child enrolled in Stage II through Grade 12. Financial aid may cover up to 50% of tuition.

School and Student Services (SSS) processes all financial aid applications. Using information reported by families on the
Parent Financial Statement (PFS). Factors considered include total income, assets, net worth, and discretionary income. The Financial Aid Committee reviews both the SSS report and the required documentation to make a decision. Awards offered are for the current academic year only. Applications must be submitted annually for reevaluation.

For children of divorced or separated parents, a Parent Financial Statement (PFS) form must be completed for the household of each biological parent, including income information for stepparents or guardians. A non-custodial parent must complete a PFS even if not required to pay child support. This requirement may be waived if the whereabouts of the non-custodial parent are unknown.

Families are encouraged to begin their financial aid application as early as possible in the admissions process by submitting the Parent Financial Statement. Roeper provides assistance to families who do not have access to online forms.
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