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COVID-19 Planning: Update 1, 6.18.20

Dear Roeper Community,
Our COVID-19 Planning Task Forces are moving full speed ahead, digging into issues of facilities use and preparation, teaching and learning in a socially distanced environment, accommodating those who are uncomfortable returning to campus in September, supporting our faculty during this time of transition, and examining the emotional and financial health of both the school and our Roeper families.
It’s difficult to find a place to stop and send a digestible amount of information without overwhelming everyone, but our goal is to keep you up to date with the latest developments. Please know that as we plan, we continue to follow government guidelines and are aware of the upcoming updates from Governor Whitmer to be announced on June 30.
As a 25-year member of the Roeper community, I want to let each of you know how blown away I am by the dedication, passion, and reflection that I’ve observed in every single task force I’ve visited over the last 10 days. This kind of commitment to maintaining the integrity of our Roeper program, Roeper relationships, and Roeper philosophy is a thing of beauty. More than ever, I’m grateful to be a part of our community. 
My best to you all, 
Julie Nemchik, Program Manager

Recent Town Halls

David Feldman, along with Ashley Lowe and Clay Thomas, held two Town Hall Zoom meetings last week, one for each campus. In these meetings, they explained the possible scenarios and introduced the task forces that will be planning how to implement these scenarios.  If you were unable to attend these meetings or simply want to refresh your memory, here are the links and the password to the recordings: 
LS  Town Hall:  Click here to view LS  Town  Hall (meeting officially starts at 2:31) 
M/US  Town  Hall:  Click here to view M/US  Town  Hall  
Password: 1G.5$.1S  
If you have additional questions, please send them to Julie Nemchik who will forward them to the appropriate task force and provide answers on the COVID-19 web page (coming soon) as we develop the scenario plans. 

COVID-19 Web Page

Ongoing communication of our evolving plan is vital, not only as a way to benchmark progress, but to reassure and engage the community as we move toward flexible scenarios for the fall. The Communications Task Force, led by Roeper alum and Board member Alana Glass, is readying the launch of a web page that will address COVID-19 related issues, including the fall reopening.
This web page will be easily accessible on for current and prospective families to keep up to date.  Included will be links to updates on progress, State of Michigan and Oakland County COVID-19 guidelines for schools, and FAQs.
You can expect this page to be available within the next two weeks.

Financial Assistance

It is abundantly clear that these are challenging economic times, and we are planning specific measures to provide support to our families during the uncertainty ahead.  
  1. The Board has designated additional funding for financial aid, health and safety equipment, and  to offset potential gaps in enrollment. This effort is driven by the desire to maintain current levels of program and faculty despite the current conditions.  
  2. Additionally, the School will be covering the cost of all Tuition Refund Insurance policies for the 2020-21 academic year. Our hope is this added benefit will help offset challenges the community may face in the upcoming school year. 
  3. Finally, to provide families more time to evaluate our program for next fall, the School is extending the deadline to withdraw from June 30 to July 31 with no obligation for tuition and fees for the full school year; the deposit is non-refundable.  
The School will continue to work with families throughout the upcoming 2020-21 school year on matters related to FACTS payment plans and need-based financial aid. 
Please contact Loree Kelly in the Business Office with questions. 

Community Survey 

With six task forces and close to a dozen sub-committees all working on scenario planning, collecting detailed and current data from you, our families, is of utmost importance. We understand the reality of survey fatigue; therefore, the Communications Task Force is collating a list of questions from all our task forces and creating one single survey to help assist with decision-making.  
We respectfully ask that you and your family complete the survey as honestly as you can, as quickly as you can. This is an urgent request, and an opportunity to provide your voice in this process. You
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