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Shifting to Summer Programs Online 4.29.20

Dear Roeper Families,
A board member once reminded me that the job of the Head of School is to always know whats going on around the corner.  I’ve held tightly to that description of my role because it reminds me so much of the Roepers philosophical tenet that it was the role of the School to prepare our students for the unknown future.  In both instances there seems to be a call for magical powers or at the very least powerful prognostication.   
As we try to work our way through the new normal initiated by Covid-19, none of us fully knows what is truly going to happen next. Much as we try to consider all of the options, we are blind to the developments that exist around the corner, and yet we know that planning and preparation are the tools that ready us for a variety of outcomes.  As President Dwight Eisenhower reminded us, “plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”  And so, we plan. 
One of the long-standing gems of the Roeper program has been our summer camp, it was a concept George and Annemarie brought with them from Marienau when they emigrated to the United States.  The Roepers understood that summer activities provided students with the opportunity to engage in new interests, spend time with friends, and enrich their learning opportunities.  Camp was a time to change the pace of the school year and try new things. 
The global pandemic and physical distancing have pushed us to think in new ways about how to engage children in summer learning and fun, and how to continue providing opportunities for challenge and engagement.  We know the pace of summer must be different, yet it must also provide our students with the opportunities they need to close gaps, strengthen skills, explore new interests, and stretch to new levels. 
On Friday, we will share our decision to shift our Roeper Summer Programs to an online platform with the broader community.  The School will offer a series of academic and enrichment classes designed to engage children in interesting activities, maintain connections to learning to minimize summer slump, and offer the opportunity for students to extend themselves academically in math, reading, and writing before we begin the fall semester. 
Our faculty will also use these classes to sharpen their skills.  These online sessions will give teachers the opportunity to become more adept at teaching in a virtual environment.  It is a chance to explore new classes and new curriculum, and as always, the chance to maintain connections with students, families, and the community. 
Planning is everything - summer is the chance to strengthen our teaching and learning skills, ready ourselves for a variety of fall options, and as always, enjoy the company of our community.  I invite you to join us as we peek around the corner at what is coming next. 
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