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Stay Home and Stay Safe and RHLP 3.25.20

Stay Home and Stay Safe Order

Dear Roeper Families,
I know the Governor’s new order places further stress on our students and our families, and at the same time we all know that the action is for our health and well-being.  I am so proud of our community and the way we continue to hold each other close, seek ways to offer help, and ensure that we nurture each child.   
Please call, email, text, zoom, or find other means to safely check in on one another.  Physical distancing is hard for a community that thrives on relationships, know that relationships can and must continue to thrive using new tools and more creative ways of communicating.  Staying home and staying safe is something we can each do; it is the action we can take that will quicken the moment when we can be together in person once again.   
Until that time, know that our school will continue to provide our Home Learning Program and continue to strengthen connections between us.  It requires hard work to maintain community through these digital tools, but we can and we must.
Being at home requires a great deal more effort to build structure, routine, and self-care.  As our faculty fine-tunes the delivery of our program, know that we will continue to offer guidance on the social and emotional care that is essential for each of us.  We can still take walks to clear our heads, we can still exercise to keep our bodies healthy, and we can still show our love to one another by reaching out and showing families and friends that we care.   
Please use the supplemental tools and links we share with you at your discretion. Just like our brick and mortar schoolour Home Learning Program is more than a set of academic tasks for your children to complete.  We see this platform as a way to support the health and well-being of your family and our community. 
Head of School

Spring Break Plans 

When the Governor initially closed schools, Roeper made the decision to change our  spring break dates  anticipating an opportunity to return  to school on April 6th, and so we  moved our  spring break  forward  to the week of March 30.   
This has been an incredibly tumultuous time for our world community. We know families are feeling an unprecedented level of stress and anxiety as they try to balance work and home commitments, economic uncertainty, and serious health concerns.  
In order to provide our community with a chance to catch their  breath and  prepare for what will likely be an extended time in our Home Learning Program,we  will continue to  use the week of March 30th as our spring break.    This time provides our faculty and staff, in particular, with the essential break they need to care for their families and address the much-needed self-care necessary to sustain our new program.  Our teachers have been amazing in the creation and launching of our Home Learning Program, and we want them to stay healthy and fit as we complete the semester. 
We realize this decision will have a different impact on different members of our community. Some will greet the break as a special time to spend together as a family, others, because of work commitments, will need the structure that school provides.  
During spring break, we will provide a different optional set of activities, programs, and meetings, that are division specific, to allow students to remain engaged in a variety of school related activities.  From sports teams meeting with coaches  to clubs engaging in planning and organizing, students will receive enrichment opportunities to keep them connected to peers, connected to their learning, and engaged in school. 
Please watch for the Sunday evening newsletter from your Division Director for the week-long guide for Spring Break. 


The news changes every day, and, in turn, new questions and concerns develop for us to address.
As we gather questions from the community, formulate new policy, or make decisions that are important for us to share, we thought we would centralize that information in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section in our Roeper Home Learning Program post on the Resources on MyRoeper. Please follow that highlighted link to review this new section.  

MDE Decision

Last week, the State of Michigan Department of Education announced that they will not count online learning toward yearly requirements; the statement caused great concern and confusion across school communities in our state. I want to make sure that our parents know and understand that this decision  does not apply to Private Independent Schools  like Roeper.  
Roeper, like independent schools across the Midwest, is accredited by its regional association - ISACS (The Independent Schools Association of the Central States) and is a member of NAIS (The National Association of Independent Schools).   Together we form a network of over 1,500 schools nationwide dedicated to sound educational policy and the thoughtful care of students, parents, and faculty.   In a crisis like this pandemic, our schools will continue to work to serve the short- and long-term needs of our students and honor the valuable work teachers and students continue to do while in their homes working in home learning programs. 
The Roeper School, like our peer independent schools, does not receive state funding and is not bound by state hourly counts for seat time nor the requirement set by the State for a fixed number of days.   Such requirements are tied directly to district funding from the state, teacher union contracts, and other federal and state mandates that are not applicable to Roeper. 
It is the intention of The Roeper School to move forward with our Home School Learning Program so that our students continue to be engaged in meaningful learning and receive credit for the work they are doing while unable to attend the brick and mortar school.   
Our teachers are committed to providing a strong and holistic educational program for the duration of time we are unable to meet in person.  We honor and value this critical work! 
Parents should know that the program offered by The Roeper School in our home learning format  will count  toward our students completing their current academic level; they will be prepared to move to the next level of school when the 2020-2021 school year begins the end of August. 

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