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School Closing Announcement from David 3.13.20

March 13, 2020
Dear Roeper Community,

Yesterday’s announcement by Governor Gretchen Whitmer that the State of Michigan was closing all K-12 schools was a strong action to address a significant global crisis. The closure directive is a significant action to limit the spread of the Coronavirus in our region; we know this is an action based in science and care for our community, we also know it will pose real challenges for families.
A three-week period of school cancellations will add new stresses for our parents and for families throughout the greater Michigan community. The focus on mitigation through social distancing will limit activities and our ability to provide large scale supports for one another. At the same time, we must continue to consider the ways we can help each other work through this moment of challenge.
Online Learning Schedule and Technology Needs
• Academic Directors and our Technology Teams will be reaching out to faculty today and next week to help us coordinate the implementation of our online teaching and learning plans.
• Faculty will use the beginning of next week to plan, organize, and sharpen their technology skills, and begin to implement our use of Seesaw, Edmodo, and MS Teams.
• Homeroom teachers will be reaching out to families to check-in, to answer questions about the technology we are using, and to ensure that families have the necessary technology in their home for students to stay engaged in our program.

Spring Break Schedule Adjustment

• We know that some families made plans around our vacation schedule, however, our need to be responsive to the Governor’s guidance, and our responsibility to the
community to hold school when it is possible, has led us to adjust our calendar. We will follow Governor Whitmer’s guidance and return to school with regular sessions,
conditions permitting, on Monday, April 6. This means that we will designate March 30 - April 3 as our Spring Break holiday. Please know that we will work with families should
this change pose a conflict or challenge.
Parent - Teacher Conferences

• Conferences will be cancelled. Accessibility to campuses to gather supplies and to work in building
• Buildings on both campuses will be open today, Friday March 13, until 6pm for teachers and students to pick up books, technology, musical instruments, and other materials
needed during the closure.
• Beginning March 16th, we will follow the guidance of Oakland County and the State of Michigan; buildings will be open for employees only. However, we will be encouraging
faculty and staff to use discretion in coming to campus, to telecommute where possible, and to stagger hours as we try to support the online program and business operations of the school. No students or parents will be allowed on campus during this time.
• We will not hold gatherings on campus, and we will be practicing social distancing.
• We have already seen conditions change rapidly, please note the option for faculty and staff to come to campus may also change. We will continue to monitor the situation and inform you of changes as necessary.
While social distancing is an important protocol to contain a virus, it also poses significant challenges to the mental health and well-being of a community. I want to encourage you to make the time to check in on one another through the technology that we have available to us.This is a time for us to be more deliberate in our outreach and wellness checks to family and friends. The care we show for one another is something active we can do to make a difference.

Please take good care and know that during this time of uncertainty, our community remains as a support to help us through these challenges.
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