Upper School

The Upper School at Roeper offers a unique opportunity for its students.
The humanistic values of Roeper’s founders continue to be the driving force behind the school. Respect for the individual rights and the human dignity of all people encourages cooperation and mutual acceptance among students and staff. Roeper is a place where the ideas and feelings of students are important to the adults in their lives. The result is an environment in which students are free to take educational risks and make decisions in an environment in which it is okay to be smart and okay to be committed to learning.

At Roeper, students are challenged by courses, the majority of which are honors level and higher. Faculty guide them in understanding and taking control over their learning process as they develop skills, form concepts, and define ethical and moral issues.  Students are encouraged to become increasingly self-directed and independent. A testament to this is that the choice of courses is determined by the student, confined only by their ability, their own goals for college or other path and the only two required courses—Health and American Government.

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