Middle School

We provide a learning environment ideally suited for gifted students in Grades 6 through 8.
In our Middle School, teachers build on the standards set at the Lower School, partnering with students during their critical developmental period and helping them become their best selves. Our academic program provides both rigor and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of Middle School students as they transition from Lower to Upper School.

Roeper Middle School teachers deeply understand the developmental needs of their students. Passions are nurtured, ideas are examined, and a structured support system is in place as students navigate the often intense social and emotional experience at this developmental stage.

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The Middle School curriculum includes English literature and composition, social studies, four world language options, mathematics, science, computer science, fine and performing arts, physical education, and health. There are also opportunities for advanced work at the Upper School level as well as independent study with a faculty mentor.

Extracurricular activities include interscholastic sports, theater, forensics, chess, robotics, and Model United Nations.

Every year students attend a grade-specific, week-long trip that provides opportunities for exploration and adventure, as well as building community.
More than anything, the Middle School program is designed to fulfill the core tenets of Roeper's mission set forth decades ago; particularly, "to prepare this future generation to deal with the unknown." Students leave the Roeper Middle School not only as students able to complete difficult academic tasks and solve complex problems but as young adults prepared to take on the challenges of the world.

The Roeper Middle School faculty and staff
  • Encourage independent thought and individual expression within a framework of consideration for others and respect for community guidelines.
  • Foster independence and interdependence through choice, collaboration, and community-building experiences.
  • Recognize the unique educational needs of emerging adolescents.
  • Meet the special emotional needs of this age group.

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